Book your driving lessons online.

Save your time and book driving lessons via our internet platform called “Terminarz”. There are no mistakes about the time schedule. You can choose the hours as you want.

We cover all areas in Poznań during the driving lessons.

You will learn not only how to pass the exam at first time, but on our courses you`ll find how to become an competent driver aware of hazards.

What happens in your first driving lesson?

It’s a common question that some of you may have. You might have an idea of what happens in your first driving lesson; others take a guess or go on what someone else has said in the past.There are myths that you can spend the whole hour stationary and the car doesn’t move. We have heard of companies out there that do that, but it’s not something we practice at SzybkiBill`s. Our goal at Driving School SzybkiBill is to get you driving as quickly as possible on your first lesson without compromising your safety.

Why us?

Welcome to driving school that cares. We know  how stresfull might be your first steps.  Our learning vehicles are always dual controlled, easy to drive and modern, to ensure that your learning experience is as comfortable as possible. We have a wide range that you can choose from (subject to availability) including  BMW 1  Series, Renault Clio III and IV, Ford Fiesta, and more…

  • Lessons can be booked online
  • Available hours: 6:00 – 24:00
  • One to One driving tuition
  • No piggy backing – we don`t do that two or more pupils in a car during driving lessons
  • All driving lessons are one full hour
  • No extra charge for evening or weekend driving lessons
  • Friendly Male driving instructors
We will suits you a practical time schedule

Write us your available time for driving lessons and we will make You happy!

First Steps

  1. All our driving lessons we start and finish at training centre ul. Droga Dębińska 10
  2. First steps are due to law regulations: ROZPORZĄDZENIE MINISTRA INFRASTRUKTURY I BUDOWNICTWA1) Poz. 280 z dnia 4 marca 2016 r. w sprawie szkolenia osób ubiegających się o uprawnienia do kierowania pojazdami, instruktorów i wykładowców na podstawie art. 32 ust. 3 ustawy z dnia 5 stycznia 2011 r. o kierujących pojazdami (Dz. U. z 2015 r. poz. 155, z późn. zm.
  3. In next steps we drive in areas where the state exam could be performed.
  4. Parkings, u-turnings, roundabouts and outside the city.
  5. Revision of all points and internal exam.

Meet our Headoffice staff







Pan Tomek



Pan Leszek

If you have a question

Let`s contact us. We will try to help you and give a right answer.

Before Booking

Let`s check how to get a PKK number (obligatory) before you book a course.


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