Answers for your questions.

  • How can I book the exam via on-line?

    If you would like to book your exam, then copy and paste the link: Notice: practical exam you can book after you finish practical course of 30 hours driving lessons.

  • What is the next step to get the driving license after passing the practical part of state exam?

    You will need to pay a fee of 100,50zł for your driving license, copy the link: ( ) After you pass the practical part of state exam, payin a fee of 100,50zł and you can send via post or bring it to: - Wydziału Spraw Obywatelskich i Uprawnień Komunikacyjnych, ul. Gronowa 22a, Poznań; - or send to, with information about the place where you`d like to pick up your driving license; Notice! Procedure starts only when money transfer is done.

  • How much cost and which medical statement for driving license need to do?

    Normally it cost about 200zł, but if you come to our office, we`ll give you a special leaflet with a discount of 80zł. You`ll need a medical statement for Category: B - passengers cars or A - motorcycles.

  • What is the minimum age to start a driving license course?

    Cat. B - 17 years i 9 months. Cat. A - 24 years lub 20years and driving license cat. A2 since two years. Cat. A2 - 17years i 9 months. Cat. A1- 16years Cat AM - 14years

  • What is the average time of passing a course? How long Do I have to wait for state exam?

    It depends on intensivity of driving course. Average: theoretical course: about week 6-7days. Practical course: 3-5 weeks, depends on flexibility of pupils.

  • Do I have to attend theoretical lessons?

    No. But you will need to pass the theoreticsl state exam by yourself, learning from our books and cds, but if you`ll not pass it, then It is necessary to attend the theoretical classes (30 hours) to start driving lessons.

  • How long is theoretical exam valid?

    Timeless. Once you`ve passed it, you won`t do it again.

  • Can I pass the exam in other cities? In other countries?

    You can pass in other cities of Poland, but not other countries.

  • When Can I start a driving course?

    Once you have your PKK number, then we will start immediately.

  • Is there possibility to have a driving lessons on weekends?

    There is such a possibility, but first you`ll need to discuss it with the Supervisor of Driving School, the exact dates.

  • Where Can I pass the state exam in Poznań?

    Theoretical and practical exams for driving license, you`ll find in Wojewódzki Ośrodek Ruchu Drogowego (WORD), ul. Wilczak 54, nr tel. tel.(061) 829 01 80

  • How much cost the exams?

    Theoretical exam cost: 30zł. Practical exam cost: cat. AM or B 140zł; Cat. A, A1, A2 180zł;

  • What will I have to do after passing the exam?

    First you`ll need to pay for driving licence about 110zł to the bank account of Communication Centre (Wydział Komunikacji ul. Gronowa 22a) and then you`ll need to contact them.

  • If I have a driving license with automatic transmittion gear shift, Can I drive on a car with manual?

    Unfortunately no.

  • Which languages are available during the state exam?

    English, German and Polish.

  • Do I need a professional translator on my exam?

    If you don`t understand Polish language it is necessary. You`ll need to find a translator with number of his professional certificate. (Tłumacz Przysięgły)

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